What are the 2 Amazing Benefits of food

what is Food & What are the 2 Benefits of food

Benefits of food Food is the substance that gives energy to living beings, through which physical and mental development of a living being takes place. There are some elements found in food such as fats, water, proteins, carbohydrates, oils, minerals, vitamins which are very important for the development of the body. To keep the body healthy and to give food, it is necessary to give nutrients from food.

Benefits of food

Food is very important for our body, it has different benefits, if we speak in simple colloquial then the food which we eat everyday but how much is it? In simple colloquial speaking, the food that we eat every day but we do not know how nutritious it is, we eat only what we get, we should eat balanced food, eating balanced food keeps our body healthy, we see around us that some People are very fat, some very thin are balanced, it is certain on our food, if we eat more fat food then our body becomes fat so we should take balanced diet, balanced means food that gives us every nutritious element.

Healthy meal

Healthy food makes a healthy body, but today’s new generation shows more interest in fast food than in healthy food. People’s lifestyle has changed so much that there is no time to think about healthy food, if there is no time to prepare food in the morning, then they eat bread, while the day should start with healthy food, today people get sick early. Karan is food. Food keeps our bodies healthy and fit. Healthy food is very important for the child, children should read, play and grow.

Healthy Relationship

Food is important for healthy relationships. Relation of child and parents or for best parenting.

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